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LabVault Version 1.0 Secure Data Store utility

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Product Overview

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LabVault is a software package that any user running Windows 2000 or XP can use to securely store their sensitive or secret information within.

You can think of LabVault as a Bank with safety deposit boxes contained within. LabVault will securely store your personal information and protect it from theft the same way as a bank vault with safety deposit boxes does.

LabVault is an electronic bank vault and its electronic safety deposit boxes can be used to save any information on your computer such as e-mail's, passwords, bank account information, source codes or any other information that you wish to store securely.

Anything can be kept inside LabVault and it will protect its contents should your computer be stolen or "hacked".

All information stored is encrypted when it enters LabVault and no information can be lost should your computer turn off.

LabVault is opened using a password and it equipped with a second level safety feature which, should there be an error on the password on the third attempt, requests a PUK number (similar to Mobile/Cell phones). This feature provides an unlimited number of attempts to enter the PUK code.

It is important to note that there are no back doors to access information stored in LabVault. The only way to enter LabVault is with the correct password and LabVault can only be as safe as the password you set. There are no limitations to the number of letters or characters you enter as a password. We strongly recommend a mixture of letters and numbers to decrease the risk of your information being "hacked". A minimum password length of 4 characters is required.

We are unable to help should your password and PUK number be lost. It is therefore important that you remember your password details to gain access.

LabVault uses a very simple and user friendly graphical interface with simple one step clicks when storing information.

LabVault is limited to 1Mb information. Greater storage space is available on request and license fee applies.

LabVault is a free product available for download from our web site (

We welcome any customer feedback please email any suggestions or comments about the product:

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